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Carbon Collect's MechanicalTree™: Redefining Direct Air Capture

Carbon Collect is a pioneer in the battle against carbon emissions. The company’s cutting edge technology, the MechanicalTree™, represents a new paradigm for Direct Air Capture (DAC). The company is the first to prove passive collection of CO2 from ambient air in a Direct Air Capture system – negating the need for energy intensive forced convection employed in all other DAC solutions. We refer to this as Passive Direct Air Capture, or PDAC.

With the MechanicalTree™, we have set a new benchmark in capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. By dispensing with energy-intensive forced convection techniques and harnessing wind delivery, we have revolutionized the field of Direct Air Capture. This unique approach offers a more sustainable and efficient method for combating climate change.

Designed and engineered by Carbon Collect, the MechanicalTree™ stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. Overcoming significant limitations in other Direct Air Capture (DAC) approaches, our modular technology sets new benchmarks for scalability (gigaton capable) and energy efficiency.

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Nearly 30 Years of Research

Carbon Collect was formed to contribute in a meaningful way to the challenge of climate change mitigation. The company's R&D and engineering program has combined to deliver major advances in Direct Air Capture. Carbon Collect benefits from US Federal funding to help accelerate the deployment and scaling of Direct Air Capture. The company enjoys a close relationship with Arizona State University, and the University's Center for Negative Carbon Emissions (CNCE). Carbon Collect funds ongoing research at CNCE, and benefits from ASU IP, including the latest innovations of Dr Klaus Lackner and the CNCE team, assigned to the company under a global exclusive agreement. The MechanicalTree™ is a thousand times more efficient than natural trees at removing CO2 from the atmosphere.
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times more efficient than a natural tree

Small Cluster

Is capable of capturing circa 1 ton CO2 per day

Modular and Scalable

1, or 10's of thousands of MechanicalTreeTM per site

The Global Warming Problem

Carbon Collect's MechanicalTreeTM is a modular direct air capture solution designed for deployment in a wide range of geographies and climate conditions to address climate change. The solution avoids the need for forced convection (mechanical movement of air using energy-intensive fans) typical of other direct air capture solutions - instead harnessing natural wind to deliver CO2 to the system.

Video explainer - a simple explanation of climate change from the New York Times.

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“A company plans to erect “mechanical trees” that will suck CO2 from the air … in what may prove to be the biggest effort to remove the gas from the atmosphere.”
The Sunday Telegraph
The company “says its primary market will be companies and governments that want to offset their emissions by pulling an equivalent amount of CO₂ out of the air.”
Financial Times


Discover more about Carbon Collect and the MechanicalTreeTM. Our revolutionary 'Passive Direct Air Capture' technology sets a new standard in capturing and securely storing CO2. This innovation is about safeguarding our planet for future generations. Whether you are exploring project opportunities, aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, or interested in forging partnerships, we invite you to join us in our mission. Together, we can reverse the tide of climate change and pave the way for a sustainable future. Connect with us to learn more.
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