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Carbon Collect’s MechanicalTree™ is a radical breakthrough in carbon capture, and sets a new benchmark for capturing CO2 from ambient air. The MechanicalTree™ is scalable (gigaton capable) and energy efficient – two key limitations of other approaches to Direct Air Capture.

Designed and engineered by Carbon Collect in the United States, the MechanicalTree™ can be deployed for capture of current and historical emissions for permanent removal via sequestration. Installed onsite, the MechanicalTree™ can provide a source of green CO2 for a range of uses for synthetic fuels, food & beverages, industrial applications, construction and agriculture, replacing CO2 manufactured from fossil fuels, and eliminating transport and logistics.

Carbon Collect’s MechanicalTree™ is the world’s first Passive Direct Air Capture solution. The technology skims CO2 from wind-delivered air to produce greater than 95% to 99.99% purity CO2. The company’s first commercial scale MechanicalTree™ is installed and operating in Tempe, Arizona. The company’s preparations for scaling is supported by the US Department of Energy.

The MechanicalTree™ is a key solution for business and lawmakers adopting carbon mitigation strategies and striving to meet carbon neutral targets through technological removal of CO2. The technology is passive for capture of CO2 (no forced convection), scalable (compact modular design) and adaptable to many environments.

Carbon Collect’s technology benefits from IP developed by Dr Klaus Lackner  at the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University (ASU). The company is a key sponsor of the program of research on DAC at the University.

Carbon Collect’s MechanicalTree™ is a thousand times more efficient than natural trees at removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Carbon Collect™, CarbonCollect™, MechanicalTree™ and MechanicalTrees™ are trademarks of Carbon Collect Limited, a company registered in Ireland. Carbon Collect Inc, registered in the Ste of Delaware, is a wholly owned subsidiary.

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