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Carbon Collect’s MechanicalTreeTM farms will be located in close proximity to underground sequestration wells for permanent disposal, or close to use cases for reuse of captured CO2.

Carbon Collect welcomes enquiries for the supply of captured CO2 for reuse, and from companies and entities focused on mitigating their carbon footprint through capture and permanent disposal of CO2

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Carbon Collect is a rapidly growing climate solutions company which has gone from concept to installed, commercial-scale machine in just two and a half years, creating a superior, market-leading product, in the form of its scalable and energy efficient MechancialTree™, in just a fraction of the time of competitors. The MechanicalTree™ is a radical breakthrough in carbon capture innovation setting a new global benchmark for capturing CO2 from ambient air.

The company has launched its first commercial scale MechanicalTree™ in Tempe, Arizona and is currently working on its plans for large scale deployment via 1,000 ton per day carbon farms. This is a significant step forward for direct air capture systems, which have not yet been deployed at scale.

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