Based on more than two decades of research and development, the MechanicalTree™ is a thousand times more efficient than natural trees at removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Captured CO2 can be disposed of by sequestration, or recycled and reused as an alternative to CO2 produced from fossil fuels.

The MechanicalTree™ is a Passive Direct Air Capture (PDAC) solution which requires no energy for CO2 capture. The system avoids forced convection required in other Direct Air Capture solutions. The MechanicalTree™ uses wind delivered air resulting in lower energy requirements and capture costs. Energy use is required only for processing the captured CO2.

Small Cluster

Circa 1 ton of CO2 Capture per day

High Purity CO2

Greater than 95% to 99.9% purity CO2

Modular Design for Scaling

1m - 4m tons/year carbon farms

Each MechanicalTreeTM is over 10 meters tall when extended to capture CO2 and contains sorbent tiles that extend and retract on a constant capture and regeneration cycle. MechanicalTreeTM farms are best suited to addressing hard to abate carbon emissions.

Over the next decade, Carbon Collect aims deploy its technology globally, starting in the United States.  The company will partners with large corporations and governments seeking to mitigate carbon emissions.

Carbon Collect will begin deploying small scale MechanicalTreeTM implementations whilst preparing for mass production and larger scale deployment. The company plans to deploy MechanicalTreeTM farms with an annual capacity of up to 4m tons annually per farm within the next ten years. The technology’s flexibility will enable deployment ranging from a single MechanicalTreeTM up to around 120,000 units at maximum configuration.

Carbon Collect welcomes strategic partnerships for deployment of these large-scale farms.

How it Works

Unlike other CO2 Direct Air Capture technologies, the MechanicalTreeTM uses wind delivery of ambient air - avoiding the need for energy intensive forced convection used in by other Direct Air Capture solutions.
This means less energy required and lower capture costs.

Capture Mode


The MechanicalTree™ column extends vertically to 10 metres height and
become saturated with CO2 from ambient air delivered by wind


The MechanicalTree™ column is lowered into the regeneration chamber.

Regeneration Mode


Regeneration occurs to release captured CO2.
The off-take flows from the regeneration chamber and is processed. The MechanicalTree produces greater than 95% to 99.9% purity CO2.


The MechanicalTree™ extends again to full height to repeat the process

Carbon Collect



Carbon Collect's MechanicalTreeTM is modular and designed for easy scaling. Carbon farms can be deployed in a wide range of geographies. In general, optimal operating ambient temperature is between 3°C and around 38°C.
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